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Core Services

Pansofica covers a broad spectrum of technologies and services. Below are the four core areas of our business.
Business Solutions

Every client is unique so we tailor our approcah to fit your needs because ticking the correct boxes is important to achieve business objectives on time and within budget

Enterprise Applications

We design build test deploy and support enterprise applications. We are your technology partner and the peace of mind you need to focus on your business vertical

Cloud Computing

We build solutions to scale with your business needs. We put security first, and have a wealth of experience in automating deployment and developer operations

Product Development

We invest a significantly in research and feasibility studies so we are better placed to advise clients on specific product development initiatives to optimise and maximise ROI

About Us

Our Strengths are deeply rooted in our Values
Why Pansofica? And what are our core values

We are small enough to give you a personalised turnkey solution and big enough to handle your enterprise project with ease. Our Engineers have a total experience of 200 years in software engineering and enterprise business applications. No project is too big and no small project is too insignificant. Every project is treated with great care and due dilligence. We are a great investor in security and our products wont roll off the line without meticulous testing. We follow industry standard methodologies and are well versed in many so our clients can have the choice of flavour they are most comfortable with. We understand that for our business to succeed we must first enable our clients with the tools that give them a competitive edge and a route to success. Pansofica is your smart technology partner

  • SAAS Development

    We can make your organisation SAAS ready, our engineers are highly experienced and professional team of engineers covering disciplines across the enterprise stack

  • Product Design

    Our motto is Engineered by Design, and we believe that design is a core feature of a successful software. We can help you with UX UI & Infrastructure Design

  • Software Engineering & Testing

    At Pansofica we undertake the full software development lifecycle, our engineers arent just expert coders, they are able to design a& automate testing for quicker iterative development cycles

  • Deployment & Infrastructure Support

    Your solution often dictates this portion of the SDLC however we are experts in cloud software deployment and our methodologies extend to hybrid solutions and desktop application alike. We can take the pain of ongoing support away from your day to day business and help you focus on what matters most

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